Types of cod

Its nourishing qualities
The four types of cod
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The nourishing qualities

Norwegian cod is a salted and dried fish, naturally prepared, preserving all its fresh properties.
It is nutritious, tasty, easily digestible, rich in minerals and vitamins.
It is healthy and low in calories.

Nutrients per 100 g Cod Beef Chicken
Protein 38g 19g 21g
Fat 1g 13g 7g
Calcium 60g 10g 15g
Iron 1,6g 2,1g 1,1g
Vitamin B 2,61 mg 3,84 mg 7,87 mg
Edible portion 85% 77% 70%
Water 49g 66g 71g
Kcal 160 195 145

Besides that, 1kg of cod has the nourishing value of 3.2kg of common fish.It is also more economical, one kg of codfish feeds 6 to 8 persons.
Cod is more nutritious than fish, beef or chicken. It allows variatios in your daily meals, with easily made recipes.
Eat more cod : it is tasty and healthy..

The four types of cod

There are four different types of cod on the Brazilian market ( photographs ). To the experts only the Gadus Morrhua is considered to be genuine. It is known in Brazil as "Porto cod".
The other types are also very tasty and they go through the same salting and curing process; that is why they are considered cod. They are the Saithe, the Ling and the Zarbo .


The cod type is the genuine Norwegian cod. It is the noblest and the most expensive. Normally, its fillets are the biggest and widest. Its color is light and uniform. It is the cod served in international cuisine dishes. Portugal only imports the cod type. If you want to buy genuine Norwegian cod, choose the "Porto type", the Gadus Morrhua.


The Saithe type is darker and its flavour is stronger. Cheaper than cod it is the champion of sales in the Brazilian Northeast. It is used in fried codfish balls and stews, because when it is cooked it is easilly reduced to threads.


The Ling type has a very light color, and it is narrower than the others. It has a good cut and is very appreciated in Brazil. Its flesh is ligthly colored,beautiful and attractive.

zarbo The Zarbo type is the most popular and usually is the smallest one.


Clicking on any of them, you will see them amplified and in a sequency.


The 4 types of cod are divided in 3 categories :

·Imperial -It is the best classification. The fish is well cut, well brushed and well cured. The Imperial cod is an example of the best of the best.
·Universal - This classification identifies the cod which has some stains and little deffects, which do not compromise its quality.
·Popular - It is the one with the most stains, with some missing parts, because of harpoon fishing.

Actually, the difference among these 3 categories can only be seen at the sales stand; when cooked the quality is almost the same.


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